Hi all,

I’d like to take this time , to thank all of you who attended today. I thought the pictures , rotating through the event were fantastic. I also want to thank Dr. Vinik and Etta Vinik for putting this on, I believe it went very well.

Thanks Dad, for your opening speech, and thank you Dr.Vinik for the eulogy.

This was a celebration of Pat’s life, and how far it reached , and how many of us Peanut had touched. I noticed a few wet eyes, when I could see through my own.

Keep on donating to  Greyt Expectations, and I thank all of you that have.

Thanks again,





Tomorrow is the event for the Celebration of Pat’s life. I should have posted this reminder sooner.

Please see the previous post for details.



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A Celebration of the Life of Pat Barlow

A Celebration of the Life of Pat Barlow

On Saturday October 12th at 11:00am, you are welcome to join us for an informal gathering to celebrate Pat’s  life.

The event  will held in the 2nd floor conference room  of the EVMS Williams Hall – situated at  855 West  Brambleton Ave (South Campus) , the EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center, Norfolk, VA.  Parking is available in the patient parking lot which is located on the right side of the building as you face it from Brambleton Ave, off of Riverview Ave. To get there , use Colley Ave, take a right on Southhampton Ave, then  a right on to Riverview Ave. Click on the image below, it will enlarge,  the “A” denotes the parking.

As this is informal, please come in casual attire. If possible please respond to this posting so we can get a rough count of those who may be attending.

 I would like to thank Dr Aaron and Etta Vinik and others for volunteering to host the event.





Pat Barlow

Pat passed away peacefully today Tuesday, September 3rd at 2:37 PM

As per her wishes, there will not be a viewing or a funeral service and she is to be cremated.

I will be positing more developments in here as they occur.

I Thank All of you for the support you have given Pat, myself and my parents.

Scott Barlow

Nothing to report

I wish I did. Pat’s last meal was when I fed her (see previous post) . She currently is comfortable but will not take in food or water. She was started on clysis, a form of hydration that is sub-Q as opposed to IV about 4 days ago. That is now being discontinued in fear of overloading her.

She is non responsive and sleeps 98% of the time, the nurses are unable to give her oral medications as she will not open her mouth or swallow.

I tried numerous times to get her to drink or eat, however I am now in fear of generating greater discomfort, as we all are.

Thanks for all your support


 edit: I meant to add, all the staff at the home, and my parents, have tried to rouse her and feed her, or get her to take some food or medication. We are extremely worried about her swallowing and aspiration, which would make thing much worse for her comfort. It was not solely “I” in this effort.


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Pat ate today

That might sound trivial, but it is not. Pat has been placed on pureed foods after she stopped accepting food, and what follows is a visit from speech therapy to make sure she can swallow OK. We have been though this numerous times, but it meant a lot to me that I was able to feed her lunch today and that she let me. This is the first time in a few days that she has eaten.

She has also been taken off using a straw to drink liquids, as she has difficulty drawing the liquid up the  straw, in it’s place is a “sippy” cup , one of those used by young children. It works, and she was able to take in some liquid.



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Pat’s condition is not improving

…And this a condition of her disease. I got a call Wednesday morning that she was refusing food. They asked if  I wanted to have her sent to the ER or treated at the home. I elected to have her treated at the home. The last time at the ER  they were having a hard time coming up with a reason to admit based on her condition, (brain tumor) , and I understand the thought process.

In the last few days, Pat is not eating, and a version of hydration has been brought in, not IV , but IM. She has been able to ingest a few of her oral meds, the ones I pushed for , for seizure and a steroid to reduce swelling on the brain. There is also some questions about possible pneumonia , etc. and they are trying to treat them.

Her condition appears to be comfortable, sleeping almost all of the time now. Attempts to rouse her are very difficult if not impossible.

I and all those around her are just shooting for her comfort.


As always, thanks for your support



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Pat is hanging in there

Pat’s condition has not changed very much from my previous post. She may or may not recognize anyone. I fed her today which went well. We all do not know what she recognizes or thinks , its a mystery. But we are doing all we can, to make her comfortable.

I still recommend that this is not a good time to visit, please remember Pat the way you knew her. I also do not expect any improvement in her condition, which is normal with the disease she has.  She has fought very hard.  

Thanks ,


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Tough Post

I debated long and hard on whether I should make this post. Some may not want to read it.

Pat is not doing well, we believe she is near end of life. After her release from the hospital I was counseled by physician’s and family, that she should be placed in “hospice” care. I somewhat reluctantly agreed as this means the end of “curative” treatment. It is the right decision.

Pat no longer recognizes me, she does not want to eat , and drinks little. Our job at this point is to make her as comfortable as possible. If you want to visit Pat, please feel free, but I would prefer you remember her as you knew her.

Thanks for all of your support,




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